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TEEN - Tied Up Tied Down from Jordan Michael Blake on Vimeo.

"Tied Up Tied Down" is the second single from TEEN’s sophomore album "The Way and Color".
Out now on Carpark Records.

Directed by Jordan Michael Blake
Produced by The American Standard Film Co.


Zazie Beetz as the girl
Jake Miller as the boy

Elle Malan & Kertu Veske as the friends
Stephen Cervantes & Ernie Williams as the guys

Cinematographer - Fidel Ruiz-Healy
Production Designer - Jake Miller
Assistant Director - Tyler Walker
Producer - Jake Honig
Art Director/Production Swing - John Arnos
Assistant Camera - Jon Cortezo & Lexi Phillips
Stunt Coordinator - Jon Truei
Gaffer - Dan Stenzel

With Additional Production Assistance from Melissa Phillips & Derek Smith

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